About me

Hi, I'm Richard

I'm interested in animation and character design so I made a website about it.

To me, animation is a perfect mix of technical ability and artistic flair.

For most of my childhood, I was obsessed with Wallace and Gromit. But it wasn't until I watched Finding Nemo in 2003 that I decided to embrace my passion and pursue a career in animation.

After graduating from the University of Lincoln with a 1st in Animation, I was lucky enough to be taken on as an animator and character designer working in the interactive media and animated TV production industry.

Over the course of 6 years, I had the privilege to work as part of a BAFTA award-winning team, working with most of today's major children's TV brands including Disney, Nickelodeon, CBBC CBeebies, Boomerang and Sesame Workshop. I've worked with some of the best animators, designers, illustrators and storyboard artists the industry has to offer.

Certainly one of the highlights of my career was creating the characters for one of the best-loved children's TV show Tee & Mo. The show is about a single mum Mo and her cheeky son Tee who team up to have lots of adventures together in the Jungle.

I'm very proud to have designed Tee & Mo and watch them on BBC CBeebies

The reason I created Animation Juice is to share with you everything that I've learned over the years as a successful commercial animator and character designer.

Don't get me wrong, art is a life-long journey and I've still got lots to learn. But I've also got lots to share too.

If you want to get into animation and character design, either as a hobbyist or a young professional then bookmark Animation Juice as you'll probably find some great content and inspiration to help you out.

I did start a Youtube channel too though I struggled to keep it up with the workload, but I hope to get back to it soon.

Animation Juice is a hub to explore, celebrate and learn the art of character design and animation. So if you're a budding character designer or animator get settled in - Animation Juice is about to become your new home. Welcome!