Book of a Hundred CLASSIC Cartoon Hands

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From the highly stylised hands of The Fairly Odd Parents and Dexter’s Lab to the delicate digits of anime, cartoon hands come in many different styles. This guide looks specifically at Classic Cartoon hands. By ‘Classic cartoon, we mean the plump, four digit hands seen, for example, in Disney and Looney Tunes animations.

Hands are notoriously difficult to render but are at the same time an incredible important part of a character’s expression. This means that being able to render them from any angle and in any pose is extremely important in creating more expressive characters. To this end, ‘Book of a Hundred Classic Cartoon Hands’ consists of 3 parts to help you achieve this:


The first part of the book looks at analysing the form and structure of a real hand and simplifying it to create the classic cartoon hand.


We cover the importance of breaking the cartoon hand into simple building blocks, allowing you to render the hand from any angle and gesture.


You’ll find pages worth of cartoon hands rendered in a multitude of poses and gestures – invaluable for quickly referencing a troublesome angle!

Step-by-step hand construction

Quick reference library

Over 100 classic cartoon hands

This handy guide will serve as an invaluable  part of your arsenal in the battle to draw this notoriously hard-to-draw body part. It’s a fantastic little reference guide for all animators, cartoonists and character designers

Get your hands on it today and start drawing cartoon hands like a pro!

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Richard Butler

Richard has been working in kids animated media for over 7 years now. He started his career as an animator before becoming a senior designer at a BAFTA award winning production company. Over the course of his career, Richard has worked with many of todays major kids TV brands, including leading the design of a brand new kids show to launch on CBeebies in 2017.
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